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What's Happening at the DPW?

DPW and facility crews perform interesting tasks every day to keep the facilities and infrastructure of the Town running.  The goal of this page is to provide interesting and timely updates on work that the department is performing.  We hope to update this page on a weekly basis.

For ongoing news on longer term projects, we invite you to visit the News, Notices, and Projects page from the menu bar to the left.

Snow Removal- February 2015

The Town rents three loaders from our business partner, PA Landers, to supplement the two that we own, our two street backhoes, and three multi-tool tractor snow blowers to widen streets and clear sight lines at intersections. This effort began immediately after the primary plowing operation ceased early Tuesday morning. Three loaders were tasked with widening intersections on Main Street, Whiting Street, and Hanover Street around 1 am Tuesday while there was no traffic on these roads as additional DPW personnel, just off of a 20-hour plowing operation, applied salt to the roads. This effort continued after sunrise on Tuesday and will continue throughout the week until the roads are back to normal after a record setting snowfall. We ask residents to be patient and drive slowly when our equipment is in the area.  Pictured is a front end loader from our business partner, PA Landers, assisting the Town in pushing back the snow at the corner of Union Street and Jutila Farm Path.


Snow Removal- January 2015

DPW personnel have been working on snow removal all around Town.  Pictured here is a multi-tool tractor with a 48-inch snow blower clearing the sidewalk on the Cedar School driveway.

Snow Removal

Town Hall Kitchen Renovation- January 2015

Facilities personnel have been working on a kitchen renovation at Town Hall.  A new counter was installed, they built a wall cabinet, painted the walls and ceiling and installed a plywood subfloor.  An outside company came in and installed a tile floor. 

Kitchen-Town Hall

Roadside Trimming- January 2015

DPW personnel work on roadside trimming on various roads in Hanover.

Roadside Trimming

Wade Way Water Main- November 2014

Water Division Crews complete the tie-in of Wade Way water mains to 8" PVC water main. Prior to this construction, Wade Way was connected to the 8"cast iron main shown in picture immediately to the right of the PVC main.  The cast iron main was contributing to the poor water quality on Wade Way.  

Wade Way

Wade Way 1Wade Way 2

Paving of Hearthstone Way- November 2014

Crews are working on the final top coat of paving on Hearthstone Way.

Hearthstone Way

Compost Pile Prep and Extended Hours for the month of November- October 2014

For the convenience of our residents the Ames Way brush and compost pile hours have been extended for the month of November.  The extended hours will be Saturdays 8am-4pm and Sundays 12pm-4pm.  This picture illustrates the preparation of the compost pile.

Compost Pile

Fence Repair at the Rec Center- October 2014

DPW personnel repaired an old fence in front of the Rec Center. 

Fence Repair Fence Repair

Recyling and Transfer Station Stickers- October 2014

The new yellow residential stickers for the Transfer Station will be issued during the month of October.  All residents must have a new sticker by January 1, 2015.  The DPW will continue to issue Transfer Station stickers through the mail to make obtaining a sticker more convenient to residents.  If you wish to obtain a sticker by mail please mail the following to the department:

    - A copy of your vehicle registration.

    - If address on the registration is different from your residence please provide a current copy of a document showing your Hanover resident address such as a    driver's license or utility bill along with a copy of the registration.

    - A self-addressed stamped envelope for the sticker to be sent to you.

Once the DPW receives the information for a sticker, one will be mailed back to you in the self-addressed envelope that you provide.  The sticker must then be placed on the inside windshield on the lower left corner of the driver's side of the vehicle.

If obtaining the sticker through the mail is inconvenient, residents may come to the DPW office at 40 Pond Street with the proper documentation and the sticker will be issued there.

If multiple vehicles require stickers the above information must be provided for each vehicle.

Weather permitting, stickers will be issued at the Transfer Station on the following Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-1pm:

October 4th & 5th, October 11th & 12th, October 18th & 19th and October 25th & 26th

School Building Access Control System- September 30, 2014

The new building access control system became operational at Center & Sylvester schools, to be followed by activation at Cedar, Middle and Salmond schools in the next few weeks.  The system consists of a push-button video/intercom station at the main entrance along with video/intercom master stations at the desks of office personnel to identify and allow access to visitors at the entrance.  In addition, all school department personnel are being issued proximity cards for entry into their schools at selected exit doors fitted with electronic card readers.  This eliminates the need for doors to be left unlocked or propped open for teachers to enter the building following recess or other situations.  The access control system is unified district-wide and administered by the district IT staff.  The access control project, funded by Town Meeting, has been a collaborative effort between the town facilities department and the school district IT staff which worked together seamlessly to achieve a successful installation. 

Water Main Break- September 25-26, 2014

DPW crews responded to a sizable water main break in the driveway to the Hanover Middle School. The break forced the closure of the School and stirred up sediment, resulting in dirty water in the vicinity. Crews worked all night to restore the water and are currently working to ensure that the water main in and around the Middle School is operating properly and that the plumbing fixtures in the school are fully functional. We would like to thank the Police, Fire, and School Departments for their assistance in helping us make the repairs.

Water Main Break

Community Cookout- September 23, 2014

The Town of Hanover hosted a Community Cookout to recognize employees and volunteers for all of their year round efforts and achievements.  The Department of Public Works had an information table and the Recreation Department of the DPW had an area set up for children's activities.

Community Cookout

Forge Pond Park- September 2014

Forge Pond Park is used by many members of our community.  From walkers and joggers to sports leagues it is in constant use.  This past week the DPW has been working on the softball fields.  These pictures show the aerating and slice seeding of the softball fields.

Softball Fields

Water Main Break Update- September 2014

The DPW responded to a water main break near 254 Winter Street at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 17th.  The break occurred in a 10" cast iron water main and resulted in a estimated loss of about 15,000 gallons of water.  Crews spent most of the day making repairs which included replacing about ten feet of broken cast iron water main with new ductile iron water main.  This picture shows the final repair to the 10" water main.

Water Main

Water Main Break Repair- September 17, 2014

The Water Distribution Division and Highway Division are working together on an emergency repair of a water main break on Winter Street in the Ames Way area.

Water Main Break 

Reconstruction of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive and Larchmont Lane Continued- September 2014

The reconstruction project of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive and Larchmont Lane continues.  These pictures show the progress made with the pavement and the reconstruction of the sidewalks and curbing.

Reconstruction Update

Reconstruction of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive and Larchmont Lane Continued- August 2014

The reconstruction project of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive and Larchmont Lane continues.  These pictures show the grinding of the old pavement and some of the road work being done.   

Reconstruction 1 Reconstruction 2

Reconstruction of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive and Larchmont Lane- August 2014

The DPW's contractor, Robert B. Our Company, Inc., is beginning the planned reconstruction of Birchwood Road, Maplewood Drive, and Larchmont Lane.  These roads will be completely reconstructed.  This includes the grinding of the existing pavement, grading the ground material to make a new sub base, the application of two 2-inch lifts of bituminous concrete binder, the resetting of curbing, adjustment of drainage structures, and reconstruction of sidewalks.  The Town's paving contractor, T.L. Edwards, will follow up at the end of the project with a 1.5 inch lift of bituminous concrete (asphalt) top.  The project is expected to run through the end of October and is being funded through Road Bond funds.  Below are pictures of the first phase of sidewalk reconstruction.

Birchwood Sidewalks

Painting the Exterior of Center School- August 2014

The Facilities Department has been working all summer to prepare the schools for the 2014-2015 school year.  Working with a contractor DPW personnel recently painted and cleaned up the exterior of Center Elementary School.  The below picture shows the newly painted trim and flag pole. 

Center School Paint

DPW Trainings-July 2014

On top of our every day jobs and responsibilities we also attend different trainings throughout the year.  This month DPW personnel attended a Live Wire Safety Training sponsored by National Grid.  At this training DPW personnel were instructed on the safety factors and the "dos and don'ts" when being around live wire. 

Eagle Scout Project at B. Everett Hall Field-Spring & Summer 2014

Eagle Scout candidate, Maxwell Shelley wanted to give back to the community with his Eagle Scout Project.  Shelley choose to update and fix the bathrooms at B. Everett Hall Field.  As many know, B. Everett Hall Field is the home to many Town programs and events.  Hanover Day, summer Park & Rec programs and numerous sporting events are held at B. Everett Hall Field just to name a few!  Shelley along with Troop 38 did many updates to the bathrooms.  They replaced the toilets and sinks, painted the inside and outside of the building, painted the floors, replaced the ceiling and roof and added stones around the building near the water bubbler.  The bathrooms will be handicap accessible as well.  Shelley worked hand in hand with the DPW to complete his project.  

Eagle Scout

Parks and Recreation partners with Cardinal Cushing Centers- July 2014

The Parks and Recreation Department and Cardinal Cushing Centers met in the Spring to plan a couple of free events to bring to Hanover this summer for our community to enjoy.  On July 10th the Parks and Recreation Department had a table at Cardinal Cushing Centers "Art for Everyone" event.  On July 17th we brought the community a free outdoor movie under the stars!  The Hanover Council of Aging partnered with the two of us as well for our outdoor movie.  The outdoor movie was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance!  Our next free event is a Magic Show with magician, John Logan, on July 24th from 6:30-7:30 at Cardinal Cushing Centers (405 Washington Street).  Hope to see you there!

Art for Everyone Outdoor Movie

Green Communities Success- Fiscal Year 2014

FY14 saw another successful year in our Green Communities program.  We received a grant from the state (DOER) for $194,058 which we combined with utility incentives from the MassSave program of $81,331 for a total of $275,389 expended on 20 energy savings projects in 8 buildings (all 5 school buildings, plus the John Curtis Library, Fire Dept HQ, and Police Station) at no cost to the town.  The measures are projected to save the town approximately $40,000 annually in utility costs.  There were 3 categories of projects:  (1) Replacement of high wattage exterior light fixtures with low wattage LED light fixtures installed on the outside walls of buildings and parking lot lights; (2) Weatherization measures to improve the insulation values of the buildings; and (3) Changeover of the refrigeration motors for the walk-in refrigerators and freezers at the schools to 2-speed motors that can be shifted to low speed when the walk-ins are not calling for more cooling.  The grant also included $10,000 for administration costs to offset time expended by town staff on managing the projects.

Salmond School Drainage Improvements- June 2014

DPW personnel work to improve drainage behind the Salmond School as part of a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Sustainable Water Management Initiative (SWMI) Grant.  In the pictures below, personnel are installing a stormwater treatment system and infiltration system to recharge the water that falls on the Salmond School Administration Building parking lot during storms into the North River drainage basin groundwater.

Salmond1 Salmond2

Junior Class Community Service Day- June 16, 2014

Members of Hanover High School's Junior class went to different Town sites on June 16th to lend a helping hand.  Several DPW facilities had volunteers to garden, weed and landscape.  Thank you to the Junior Class and parent volunteers who spent their morning volunteering their time at so many of our departments!    Below is a picture of some of the flowers planted at the Rec  Center. 


Concession Stand at Forge Pond Park- June 2014

Many departments of the DPW have been working hard to complete the concession stand and pavilion at Forge Pond Park this month.  The Public Grounds and Highway Departments have been working on the outside of the building laying sod and crushed stone while the Facilities Department has been working inside to update and adjust the concession stand and bathrooms for Park Place to open.  Together our departments are building the picnic tables and benches.  Take a drive over to Forge Pond Park...it looks beautiful! 

Concession Stand

Filter Media Replacement at the Pond Street Water Treatment Plant- May 2014

This month our DPW personnel have been working on the filter vessels at our Pond Street Water Treatment Plant to replace the filter media.  Filter media is the material used in water treatment plants to filter solids out of the water.  It represents the final step in the treatment process prior to the water entering the distribution system.  At the Pond Street Treatment Plant, the media is referred to as mixed-media as it is comprised of three types of materials; namely anthracite coal, sand and garnet sand.  The media is layered within concrete basins based on grain size and density with the least dense material (anthracite coal) on top followed by a denser layer of sand which in turn is followed by the densest material (garnet sand) on the bottom. Filter media at drinking water plants is typically replaced every 10 to 15 years.  The filter media size is important for removing different parameters from the water.  Over time, the filter media becomes worn or becomes coated and may not remove substances as well as it did when the media was new.  The media being replaced now was installed in 2000. 

The below pictures illustrate before the filter media was replaced, the cleaning process and the new filter media in place.

FilterMedia1  FilterMedia2  FilterMedia3  FilterMedia4  FilterMedia5

Pond Street Water Treatment Plant Repairs - May 6, 2014

Pond St Repairs 1    Pond St Repairs 2

DPW personnel work with our business partners to install a yard hydrant and clean a contact chamber behind the Pond Street water treatment plant.  The contact chamber helps the facility oxidize iron and manganese, making these two naturally occurring minerals easier to take out of the water.  A rapid increase in pressure within the facility indicated there was a blockage within buried piping.  Hanover DPW personnel excavated the tank and discovered the tank was full of built up sediment.  The tank was subsequently cleaned by one of our contractors.  DPW personnel installed a hydrant which will help us diagnose future blockages in the system without having to fully excavate the tank.

New Stormwater Page - April 29, 2014

The DPW recently added a page to this website dedicated to the community's stormwater management efforts.  Visit the page from the Stormwater link on the blue menu to the left or click on the link below.

Click here for the new Stormwater page  

Household Hazardous Waste Day - April 26, 2014

The DPW sponsored a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event at the Hanover Transfer Station on Saturday, April 26, 2014.  Turnout was light.  88 residents took advantage of the opportunity as did 24 residents from other communities who took part through reciprocal agreements with these communities.  If you missed the event and need to dispose of any household hazardous waste, please contact the DPW office for a permission slip to use another town's event.

Click here for the details on the Household Hazardous Waste Collection 

Spring Cleanup Activities - April 28, 2014 - May 9, 2014

The DPW is sponsoring our annual spring cleanup assistance program from 4/28/14 - 5/9/14.  This year we have expanded the program to two weeks to better serve you. During this period we will assist residents in disposing of large items from their homes.  These items will be transported to the Transfer Station by DPW personnel by appointment only.  All fees must be prepaid at the Hanover DPW office.  All materials must be left at the curbside on the morning of the scheduled pick-up.  T0 make an appointment, please contact the DPW office at 781-826-3189.

Click here for press release on various spring clean-up activities

Town Hall Cupola Repairs - April 14, 2014

Town Hall Cupola    Town Hall Cupola

Contractors working for the DPW's Building Operations Group (Facility Department) prepare to lift the cupola off of the Town Hall for repairs.  The cupola recently shifted in high winds. A detailed emergency inspection by facility personnel indicated the cupola was not structurally sound.  The structure will be lowered to the parking lot for further evaluation and repairs.

Water Break on Hanover Street (Route 139)  - March 19, 2014

Water break on Hanover Street - 3-19-2014   Water Break on Hanovcer Street 3-19-2014

DPW crews work to repair a substantial water main break on Hanover Street (Route 139) on March 19, 2004.  The break, just west of Plain Street, forced the closure of the roadway from Plain Street to Pleasant Street.  Some discoloration of water may occur as a result of flow pattern changes in the water distribution system caused by this break.  We thank Police Chief Sweeney and his officers for their assistance in traffic control while we worked to repair this challenging break.

2014 Paving Program

Public Notice from the Office of the Director, Victor J. Diniak

March 12, 2014

The Hanover Department of Public Works is issuing this public notice, pursuant to Town of Hanover Bylaw #6-23, Street Opening Permits, to identify streets where the Department is planning roadway reconstruction and/or resurfacing during the upcoming construction season (April 15, 2014 through June 30, 2015). Final resurfacing is not expected to take place until 60 days after publication of this notice. This notice is intended to allow public utilities and other concerned parties time to undertake any necessary or planned underground work within the roadway layout before the streets are resurfaced. 

Overlay (previously advertised in 2013):

Wade Way

Level and Overlay

Adam Lane
Mann's Drive

(Columbia Road to Norwell Line)
Myrtle Street

Cobblestone Lane
Old Icehouse Lane

Country Road
Old Webster Street

Dana Drive
Pleasant Street

Fieldstone Lane
Pondbrook Drive

Graham Hill Drive
Shingle Mill Lane

Great Rock Road
Silver Street

Hackett's Pond Drive
Whiting Street

Hearthstone Lane


Birchwood Road
Larchmont Lane
Maplewood Drive

The adjustment or resetting of curbing may take place where applicable. Sidewalks may be rebuilt and or overlaid where applicable.
The Town reserves the right to install leveling courses on additional roads in anticipation of final paving in the spring of 2015. Any questions concerning the affected streets or the planned work may be addressed to the Department of Public Works’ office.