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General Information on Hanover DPW Jobs

We are often asked what it takes to qualify for a position.  Most positions require specialized licenses.  Each job is different.  The job postings, which will be displayed on this page, outline the specific requirements of each job as well as the expected schedule.  All DPW jobs require participation in after hours and emergency maintenance activities of the respective divisions.  All positions also require participation in the Town's snow and ice control program.

Positions within the highway, public grounds, and transfer station divisions generally require a class B commercial drivers license with air brake endorsement.  Some of these positions require a class A CDL.  Most of these positions also require a class 2A hoisting engineer's license.

Positions within the water distribution division require a Class B commercial driver's license with air brake endorsement.  The higher skilled positions require a Grade IID water supply operator's cerificate.  Some positions require a cross connection inspector and surveyor certificate.

Positions within the water treatment division require a class D drivers license and generally require a Grade IIIT water supply operator's certificate.

We urge anyone seeking employment with the town to obtain the necessary licenses before applying as we are unlikely to consider your application unless you have the applicable licenses.  We also check references.  Finally, as an alcohol and drug free workplace, all new hires are subject to a pre-employment physical which includes testing for drugs and alcohol.  Once hired, employees are subject to random testing in accordance with Town policies.