Daily Newsletter

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Highway Division

The highway division is assisting with the repair of a water service leak at 868 Webster Street.

Public Grounds Divisions

The public grounds division is mowing and trimming Ellis Field, Myrtle Field, and various traffic islands.  In addition the division is digging a grave and mowing in the Hanover Center Cemetery.

Water Distribution Division

The water distribution division is performing a valve replacement at 209 Pantooset Road, marking out the water service at 58 Old Washingtom Street, repairing a service leak at 868 Webster Street, assisting the Town's leak detection vendor at various locations around town, performing a meter changeout at 28 Maple Ave, performing a cross connection survey at 455 Broadway, and investigating and documenting long service lines.

Water Treatment Division

The water treatment division will be performing normal daily operations of the Pond Street, Beal, and Broadway water treatment plants. 

Transfer Station Division

The Transfer Station is open today.  

Newsletter Changes Coming Soon

We apologize for the recent gap in publishing the daily newsletter.  Staff shortages this summer have forced us to shift available resources.  Please look for enhancements to the newsletter in the near future 

Brush Pile Closure September 10-11

The brush and compost piles will be closed September 10-11 for grinding.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is a fairly dangerous operation and as such we need to keep all vehicles a safe distance away.

Brush Pile Hours

Please note that we have posted extended hours for the Ames Way brush pile to allow residents greater opportunity to deliver their brush.  The weekend hours will be Saturdays 8:00 am to noon.  The weekday hours are 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.  The brush pile is closed on legal holidays and during snow and ice operations.  In addition, the brush pile is open to residents only.  Landscapers are not allowed to use the pile.

General Information

The goal of this page is to inform interested parties of the planned daily activities of the DPW.  The information on this page reflects the planned work at the start of the business day as reported by the foremen of each division.  The activities of each division are subject to change depending on conditions that may occur as the day progresses.    Our intention is to update this page daily and to build upon it to include reports of activities completed over the past few days and weeks.  We invite the public's comments and suggestions.  Please address such comments to DPW Director Victor Diniak at vdiniak@hanoverdpw.org